Nearly Done!

So the sweater is almost done, I just picked up for the neckband (yay)…but I’m a bit concerned that the yoke looks too long. I’m probably just being silly, but I have a feeling I might need to redo the last 1/3 or so and decrease more often. The pattern called for raglan decreases overy other row, and I followed it very closely, so hopefully it turns out well afterall. I promise this time I will actually post some pics of the infamous sweater when it’s done. I’ve already seamed up the arms, but it looks really, really bad so I’ll have to redo that anyways. So we’ll see!! I’m just glad that it’s so close to being done…it’s almost surreal since I started it in February hahah!!

Thanks for being patient, and I promise the finished sweater will be up in the next couple of days!!



Final Lelah…and an eyeball?!?!

I’ve finally gotten around to posting the pics of Lelah on my friend. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how fabulous it turned out. She looks so good in it, and thought it would be perfect for her trip to Europe!


I also wanted a small project to complete last night cause I didn’t feel like working on my dad’s sweater. I’m having so much trouble finding motivation to finish the sweater too….I think cause it takes so long to do a single row now that I’m on the yoke. Anyways, so I decided to knit up a little stuffed eyeball stress-ball for my labmate who does eye research. I thought it was pretty funny…


Here’s a closeup of the back to show the veins. I just did a short I-cord to make an optic nerve kinda thing, and the veins are randomly embroidered on.


Hopefully I’ll be posting the finished sweater soon….I’ll take some pics of where I’m at with it tonight 🙂


Lelah finished!

So here she is! I’m waiting for my friend to try it on to decide whether the straps are necessary or not. I kinda love it like this, but she might need the straps to hold it up 🙂 I’ll post more pics of her wearing it tonight or tomorrow.




Lelah…a day away

So, I finished Lelah late (very late) last night, and today I’m blocking. I decided to whip up some quick straps since my friend is very chesty, so I thought she might need them! I’m definitely a novice to the blocking thing…but my bolero turned out well afterwards so I have slightly more confidence doing it now. I took a couple pics of it (since I love taking pics) to show you how it’s looking before finishing.



I’ll post pics of my friend wearing it tomorrow when I give it to her. I really hope it fits her!!


Most Recent Work – Ribbed Lace Bolero

Here’s my most recent FO. I think it’s really nice, I made it for my cousin to wear in some way at her wedding. I used a cashmere blend, and it was one of the quickest knits ever! The pattern is from Craftster…


My current project is my very own Lelah! Well not really my very own since I’m giving it to my best friend for her birthday….so I’ll probably end up making another one for myself!! It’s looking fab so far, I think it’s going to turn out really well.

So here’s the progress so far:

And here’s a closeup shot of the detail of the lace pattern. I really love this fishtail lace!

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it Friday!


First Post!

Since I have only just recently discovered the world of Craftster knitting, I have also only recently discovered that knitting blogs are a fab way to get your work out there! I started knitting less than a year ago, and haven’t been able to put my needles down yet. I’m almost a full-blown yarnaholic…and I love it! So I’m starting this blog to showcase my work, and to vent about my many knitting challenges.

Hope you enjoy it, and please leave comments for me!