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Final Lelah…and an eyeball?!?!

I’ve finally gotten around to posting the pics of Lelah on my friend. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how fabulous it turned out. She looks so good in it, and thought it would be perfect for her trip to Europe!


I also wanted a small project to complete last night cause I didn’t feel like working on my dad’s sweater. I’m having so much trouble finding motivation to finish the sweater too….I think cause it takes so long to do a single row now that I’m on the yoke. Anyways, so I decided to knit up a little stuffed eyeball stress-ball for my labmate who does eye research. I thought it was pretty funny…


Here’s a closeup of the back to show the veins. I just did a short I-cord to make an optic nerve kinda thing, and the veins are randomly embroidered on.


Hopefully I’ll be posting the finished sweater soon….I’ll take some pics of where I’m at with it tonight 🙂



3 Responses

  1. What a great start to your blog! Lelah looks great on your friend, she’s a lucky gal. And that eyeball cracks me up. Too cool!

  2. I have to say, that eyeball is a really awesome and unique gift idea! And Lelah’s just gorgeous… I can’t wait to make my own version!

  3. Beautiful! I love that color you chose to use for this pattern!
    Cute little eyeball also…don’t suppose you could pass on how you made it? I know 2 people (one is a doctor) who would get a kick out of that LOL. ~Tricia

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