Eyeball pattern, as requested!

Here’s the basics of how I made the stuffed eyeball, it’s not an exact pattern but I’m sure you all can figure out the little details:


Yarn: I used worsted weight super value Bernat yarn in white, hot pink, green, and black.

Eyeball Body:
With white yarn and size 4.5-5mm double-pointed needles, cast on as many stitches as you want for size (I used 60 stitches). Knit in the round until the length of the tube measures 3/4 the width/diameter of the tube. Change to whatever colour you wish the iris to be (I used green), and knit green rows until you reach the right size for your eyeball (I did 6 rows). Then change to black yarn, I knit 4 rows, again depending on the size of your eyeball you’d want to alter that. Bind off all stitches leaving a 4 inch tail to sew up the bottom.

Finishing up eyeball body: Using a yarn needle and white yarn, sew up the sclera and pull tight. Don’t sew up the pupil (black end) just yet, you need it open to stuff it 🙂


Optic nerve:
Using red/pink (or other fun colour) yarn make an I-cord of 5 stitches, and continue until it measures about 2/3 to 3/4 of the length of your eyeball body. Bind off and leave a 4 inch tail for finishing. Sew the I-cord into the body of the eyeball – this is a bit tricky, and you could certainly just pick up stitches from the eyeball body instead of knitting the cord seperately…but this is the way I did it 🙂

Stuff the body of the eyeball until it’s nice and round. I used regular, run-of-the-mill polyester filling, you could put some beans in the bottom to make it sit better, but I found it was fine due to the I-cord. Using a needle, embroider on some random blood vessels in red/pink/_____ yarn. There you’re done!

Well that’s a basic run-through of what I did…I really just quickly whipped it up in 30 mins just for fun! If you have any questions, post in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’d love to see any finished products for those who try this out!! It would make some fun decorations at Hallowe’en!



Geometric Wrap *update*

So, I’ve been asked by quite a few people to post a pic of the wrap being worn, and I totally want to……but it’s much too small for me! It’s meant for someone who’s quite petite, and I’m about 4 inches broader than her in the shoulders (not to mention 4 inches taller!) so it simply doesn’t fit. However, she will be wearing it next weekend, so I *promise* I will post update with pics of her wearing it once I have one!

New Yarn and Future Project Ideas

So now that I’ve successfully designed my own garment, I think I’m ready to start designing my own tops and sweaters! I’m sure it’ll be super hard and frustrating at first since the wrap I made was super basic in it’s construction, but I love a challenge!! I just bought some really nice big bulk balls of Bernet 100% cotton yarn – 400 grams each ball!! I looooove buying things in bulk…esepcially really pretty yarn!

chartreuse-cotton-yarn.jpg blue-coral-beige-cotton-yarn.jpg

Here are a couple project ideas from Anthropologie:


And a couple from BCBG’s new fall stuff:


I’m just starting to get a cropped jacket/shrug on the needles to wear for my cousin’s wedding next weekend, so I’ve gotta get working on it hardcore! It’s going to be teal to go with my brown and cream striped BCBG dress. I’m planning for it to be FABULOUS!


Self-designed Geometric Wrap

This is my very first completely self-designed garment. It’s a wrap for my brother’s girlfriend to wear at my cousin’s wedding over the long weekend. I used a geometric lace pattern for the centre piece and seed stitch for the outer border. I added some silver lace borders to give it some more “umph” and to have something to anchor the buttons on. I used King Cole Smooth DK in black, and a hand-dyed 100% cotton in silvery-blue; I bought both at a little yarn store back home in Ottawa. The whole thing measures 34″ long, and ended up ridiculously soft after blocking. Honestly…..I’m kinda feeling a bit sad that I have to give it away!

Here is is in full length:

As a straight wrap to be worn off the shoulder around the bust:

In an asymmetrical wrap, makes it look a bit more like a scarf:

Detail of the lace pattern:

All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out….now I just have to work on a pattern so that I can pass it on!


I’m baaaaack!

So I’m now back from my vacation….but I wish I was still away! I went to my fiance’s parent’s house since they are away for a few weeks. We went to do some chores, and to just relax! They live near Wasaga beach, so it’s an absolutely gorgeous place to be. We just spent out time chilling out in the great outdoors, going to the beach, sitting out on the deck…and of course I did some knitting! I’ve finished the wrap for my bro’s gf, almost finished the baby set for my friend’s new little girl, and I’m now starting a little jacket/shrug/cover-up for myself. I’ll post pics of all these projects in the next few days once I download them onto my compy.

Back to work…..


Without further adieu…the Dad Sweater

Well….the big day has come! The sweater is blocked and ready for me to show you all. It’s my first men’s sweater, and I think it turned out very nicely, I hope my Dad loves it too!! The pic is of my fiance (who is much taller and muscle-y than my Dad), so that’s why it looks a touch too small 🙂


Let me know what you think! I love the ribbing personally, so nice 🙂 The pattern is from http://www.garnstudio.com except I added the stripe on the chest….I thought it needed a bit more pizzaz.

So now I’ve been working on a wrap for my brother’s girlfriend for my cousin’s wedding in a month. It’s a completely original design (thought I’d start with something easy to design!), and it looks fab so far. I’ll post pics of my progress tomorrow. I’m expecting to make some big head-way on it since it’s the long weekend!!



I went to see the Simpsons movie last night……it was soooo good! As a die-hard fan, I was glad that there were tons of quote-able moments, the usual ridiculousness…..and Bart’s ‘noodle’…..lol. Great movie, I recommend it to everyone….and without any more adieu, here’s me and my fiance as Simpsons characters: