Self-designed Geometric Wrap

This is my very first completely self-designed garment. It’s a wrap for my brother’s girlfriend to wear at my cousin’s wedding over the long weekend. I used a geometric lace pattern for the centre piece and seed stitch for the outer border. I added some silver lace borders to give it some more “umph” and to have something to anchor the buttons on. I used King Cole Smooth DK in black, and a hand-dyed 100% cotton in silvery-blue; I bought both at a little yarn store back home in Ottawa. The whole thing measures 34″ long, and ended up ridiculously soft after blocking. Honestly…..I’m kinda feeling a bit sad that I have to give it away!

Here is is in full length:

As a straight wrap to be worn off the shoulder around the bust:

In an asymmetrical wrap, makes it look a bit more like a scarf:

Detail of the lace pattern:

All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out….now I just have to work on a pattern so that I can pass it on!



One Response

  1. It does look complicated, and very nice. Any way you can share a photo of it being worn?

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