Teeny-tiny dog sweater!

Here’s a teeny, tiny, incy-wincy dog sweater that I made for my brother’s new toy poodle. Her name is Nina, so I embroidered a little ‘N’ on the back. They live in Montreal so a sweater is definitely necessary for little puppies like her. Apparently she loves the sweater, especially when they went camping this year for night time. Here are a few action shots of the little one:




As for my current project, I’ve started my Christmas knitting which in retrospect I should have started MUCH sooner! I’m making the Patch Pocket Raglan from Knitty’s Fall 2007 issue for my brother…it’ll be perfect for his style. I have lots more things to knit…so I’d better stop blogging and get back to knitting hahaha! I’ll post a WIP pic of the sweater once it’s substantial enough to look like a sweater hahah!

Also, I’m busy making (that’s right, making) my wedding invitations. I’m getting married in Mexico so we’re doing cute handmade invites using tropical-print scrapbook paper as a border for the invites…which turns out to involve a lot more work than I had anticipated!! Good thing we still have tons of time 🙂



Self-designed Cropped Jacket!!

Here’s the cropped jacket I made for my cousin’s wedding to go with my gorgeous brown dress. Too bad it was WAY too hot to wear a sweater hahaha. Oh well, it’ll be perfect for the colder weather these days to go overtop of dresses and tees. Here are the pics:




Here’s the puff-sleeve detailing…it didn’t work out too well, but I think it looks cute anyways!


Let me know what you think! I’ll try to post up a pattern in the coming weeks if I have time. I don’t know if I’ll end up getting the geometric wrap pattern up, it might be too complicated for me to make into a cohesive pattern hahah!


It’s a good day!

So, I just got news about my little cousin who has been battling leukemia. Following a bone marrow transplant he’s been steadily improving, and he even got to leave his room to go to the solarium at his hospital yesterday! I’m so very excited!! It’s amazing how such a seemingly simple thing can be such a big thing…and such a mood enhancer! I’m so happy for my little buddy, he’s such a trooper 🙂


So I’m still working on my All-Season Sweater from Wedding Knits by Suss Cousins. I’ve finished the front, and am now working on the back panel. It’s been such a quick knit so far b/c it’s on big needles…I love quick sweaters!! I’ll try to take a pic of my progress soon to post on here.

Also, I just bought 2 books – Twinkle’s Big City Knits, and Fitted Knits. I think I might want to make the entire Twinkle book’s patterns b/c they are all very, very wearable. There are a couple of cardigans I’m in love with in Fitted Knits, so hopefully I can get started on those soon. I’m not usually one to be working on many things at once….I like to finish what I start first 🙂


Finally some action shots

Here are the shots of my bro’s gf wearing the wrap I made her at my cousin’s wedding. It looked really nice, and I love the way it worked with the bright red dress ad silver jewelery!


Side Shot:

And from the back:

I’ll get working on making the pattern legible as soon as I find time…whenever that might be!!

As for the jacket I had made for the wedding…it ended up being WAY too hot to wear…boo. But it is really nice so I hope I’ll get some wear out of it in the fall/winter. I ended up just using a pashmina thingie from H&M which ended up working perfecly with my dress, so everything worked out afterall. I’ll take a pic of myself wearing it tonight and hopefully post the pic tonight or tomorrow.