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It’s a good day!

So, I just got news about my little cousin who has been battling leukemia. Following a bone marrow transplant he’s been steadily improving, and he even got to leave his room to go to the solarium at his hospital yesterday! I’m so very excited!! It’s amazing how such a seemingly simple thing can be such a big thing…and such a mood enhancer! I’m so happy for my little buddy, he’s such a trooper 🙂


So I’m still working on my All-Season Sweater from Wedding Knits by Suss Cousins. I’ve finished the front, and am now working on the back panel. It’s been such a quick knit so far b/c it’s on big needles…I love quick sweaters!! I’ll try to take a pic of my progress soon to post on here.

Also, I just bought 2 books – Twinkle’s Big City Knits, and Fitted Knits. I think I might want to make the entire Twinkle book’s patterns b/c they are all very, very wearable. There are a couple of cardigans I’m in love with in Fitted Knits, so hopefully I can get started on those soon. I’m not usually one to be working on many things at once….I like to finish what I start first 🙂



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