So I got my invitation today to Ravelry!!!! I’m soooo happy about it! What an amazing program, I’ve gotten some thing set up on there already, and I still have a few more to go. Check me out if you’re on there, and add me as a friend! My ID is Blondeambition 🙂


Knitty’s Patch Pocket Raglan…modified

I just finished my Patch Pocket Raglan from Knitty Fall 2007, and I loooove it! It was a quick and easy knit, it was really fun changing it up a bit since I did my mods on the fly while I was going. Here it is:



Here’s a closeup of the stripes:

And detail of the colourwork on the sleeve:

I decided to do hems on the bottom..I didn’t like the rolled bottom, and the sturdiness of a hem is, well, awesome!

Here are the raglan seams, I think this was the best part of the pattern, the detailing is fabulous:

Let me know what you all think of my version! I think it’s my best work yet, it’s so funny how every subsequent project gets better and better for my technique. I’ve only been knitting for 10 months now, and I’m pretty proud of my progress!


My First Knitting Injury…

So I got my hand checked out today, and the doctor thinks it’s tendonitis in my knuckle. So it’s physio for me next week so hopefully it’ll be feeling better quickly and I can get back to knitting full-strength. For now I’ll just use some pain killers cause Christmas isn’t going to come any slower cause of my knuckle..unfortunately….oh, so much knitting to do! I think I’m going make purses as gifts for my girls instead of the shopping tunics from Twinkle that I was originally thinking. We’ll see how thing go! What are you all knitting for Christmas?


New look!

So I thought that the blog could use a new look….so here it is!  Hope you like it 🙂  I’m still busily working on my Christmas knitting list, and have yet to cross anything off….

BUT, the Patch Pocket Raglan is coming along nicely, I’m about 9-10″ of length in the round at this point, so I should be done in relatively short order.  Another bit of news however….I’m going to see a doctor tomorrow about a hand problem I’ve been having that I think is related to knitting *gasp*.  I’ll post an update if there is anything to report…cross your fingers and wish me luck!!