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What’s on the needles at the moment….

So I’ve been pretty sick with some cold/flu thing this week, so the knitting has been going pretty well since I’ve been at home for a couple of half-days. I’m currently working on Knitty’s Sitcom Chic in a self-striping white to chartreuse 100% cotton yarn. I’ve just added an empire waistline detailing inspired from a few Fitted Knits pattern that I really hope turns out. I’m knitting this for my mom for Christmas to wear in Mexico when we’re there for my wedding. I really, really hope the shaping turns out, cause it could be disasterous if the detailing don’t hit under the bust!

I’m also working on a clutch for my friend’s birthday…which happens to be on Sunday so I’m trying to knit up a storm finishing it on time b/c I still have to sew in a lining and a zipper too! ACK! I’ve never put a lining or zipper into a purse before either, so I want to have enough time to get it right. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!! I’m making the purse in a periwinkle-blue yarn and the pattern is my own, and totally improvised as I’m going. I’m not too worried though b/c the construction is so simple….so let’s hope it turns out well!



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