Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish all my blog readers happy holidays! I’ve been knitting up a storm the past little while with xmas gifts, so in a couple of weeks I’ll put up a big post of pics of my family & friends with their gifts. I sure hope everythig fits, and everyone is happy…..but I guess it’s hard not to appreciate a handmade gift! Well, I’m off for some more relaxation time. I’ve been busting it in the lab lately, so these 2 weeks have just been great to get my mind of things and just have fun doing what I love best, family time and knitting, and playing my new Wii!!! I would definitely recommend a Wii to anyone that can get their hands on one 🙂



Shopping Tunic actually fits ME!

Hey all!

So I made Twinkle’s Shopping Tunic (only took 2 days!!) in the biggest size, 33″ bust, and I was planning to give it to a friend for the holidays…..but it FITS ME! I’m definitely NOT at 33″ bust – I’m a 38″ bust, but clearly it fits me just fine. I heard the patterns stretch, but this is great! I feel WAY more confident knitting other patterns in the book for myself now, not just my skinny-minny friends. So all your real women out there, don’t be afraid of these patterns, they stretch like a dream! Here are the pics to prove it:


I knit this baby double-stranded using two different colours, black and brown. I’ve never done this before, and I’m really happy with the end result…I’m going to start another one (in a smaller size for my friend) with some bolder colours. I also didn’t include the pockets, I don’t really want emphasis on my hips, they emphasize enough on their own! Let me know what you think!!