Back to blogging!

Okay, so I have been absent from my blog for quite a while now.  I’m in the midst of finishing up my Master’s thesis and so everything else has gone by the wayside for the past couple of months.  So what have I been up to you might ask?  Well…..I opened my own little store on Etsy!  And I’ve already sold 3 things (which is VERY exciting for me), and I’m in the process of putting some more patterns together and designing up a storm lately.  I’ve also inherited a fantastic sewing machine which I’ve been playing with…so expect some sewn garments on here in the near-ish future.  I will be posting more often since the thought of writing isn’t as reprehensible since thesis is close to being done-zo.  

Here’s the link to my little store Blonde Ambition Knitwear:  please take a look and of course contact me if you want custom things too.  I’m designing a sweater and a new bag at the moment for custom orders.  I love to design!!

Here’s my newest item, it’s a super long scarf/wrap done using two totally different yarns held together and using a dropstitch pattern.  Also…notice the lack of blonde hair.  I’ve dyed my hair back to my natural-ish colour (I’m not really sure what my true natural colour is…)…but I’m still staying Blonde Ambition cause the name has really grown on me.



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