Androgeny Scarf

Here’s my newest design, it’s a menswear inspired scarf called Androgeny.  I chose the name since the scarf looks equally fabulous on my husband as it does on me!  I knit this in Bernat Berella…I know it’s not fancy yarn, but I really like the colours and I find this yarn really easy to work with.  I came up with the design because I have seen a ton of gorgeous lace, cabled, etc designs….and I thought maybe there should be a super cool stockinette scarf design too!  Basically one say I put on a wide scarf and tied it like a tie….and thought “This could work!”…and here it is!

Depending on the colours you choose it can be as feminine, unisex, or masculine as you want.  There are so many ways to wear this scarf too!  I’m so excited because I have the pattern available to purchase on my Etsy store, and soon to be on Ravelry…so hopefully soon I’ll be able to see how other’s have styled it to make it their own!

Pattern Information:
one size (63” length)

materials (what you’ll need)
• 375 yards of worsted weight yarn. Yarn used in photograph is Bernat Super Value 
and Bernat Berella (about 1.5 skeins)
• 10 yards (or less) of worsted weight yarn for contrast band. Yarn used in 
photograph is Bernat Berella (scrap yarn in a fun/cool/bright colour will look great)
• 1 pair US size 10 (6mm) straight needles
• 1 stitch marker
• 1 yard of fleece (or soft fabric of your choice) for lining, pins, and matching thread
• Tapestry needle (weaving in ends)

This pattern includes many pictures to help you along while making Androgeny, and well as detailed instructions for not only the knitting of the scarf, but also for how I apply the lining. 

You can purchase the pattern at my Etsy store:


Androgeny 2
Androgeny 3

Androgeny 5

Androgeny 6

Androgeny 8

I hope you download and enjoy the pattern!



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