New boots

In addion to the hats, mittens, and neckwarmer that I made as gifts for the fam, I also made a couple of things for myself, which I rarely get to do cause I’m always making gifts or requested items or things for my store (which I haven’t updated in AGES and really need to do).  So I made the Prairie boots (, and I just love how the pattern works it’s super neat.  However, I definitely had to fiddle with the sizing A LOT in order to get them to fit just right, so I’m not sure how well these would work out as gifts since it was invaluable for me to try them on as I go.  Also, if you plan on making these two BIG tips: 1) Make sure they feel tight when you’re trying them on as you knit, because I found that they stretch out a lot, 2) Get something to act as a sole for these…because after wearing mine with just the yarn for a week the soles are completely worn out (maybe my yarn choice?), so I’m going to figure something out to fix them…just not sure what yet.

Prairie bootsPrairie boots 2Prairie boots folded down~M


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