Knit.1-inspired sweater

So, I was looking around on Ravelry a month ago while avoiding doing work (as usual) and I saw a finished sweater that I adored, the Gathered Cardigan from Knit.1 Spring/Summer 2008 by ravelry user knitchick2.  And I decided that I HAD to make that sweater….however after an almost exhaustive search I couldn’t find a copy of the magazine at a reasonable price, so I decided to wing-it and figure one out for myself.  The first pic is from the magazine, and the other pics are from my sweater.  I love, love, love how it turned out, I’ve already worn in a dozen times.  Mind you, the knitting did not go quickly, the gathered part is so many stitches it’s insane and I almost gave up a couple of times…..but trust me, stick with it cause the result is worth it!  If anyone else can’t find the magazine for the pattern leave a comment and if I get enough I’ll draft up a pattern for my version.


Knit.1 Gathered cardiganKnit.1-inspired Gathered CardiganKnit.1-inspired Gathered Cardigan (back)Knit.1-inspired Gathered Cardigan 2


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