The aftermath…..

So my apartment flooded yesterday morning…I woke up at 3am to the sound of gallon of water falling onto my teak coffee table and soaking my couch.  Unfortunately to those reading, almost ALL of my knitting books were ruined by the water, which is so sad cause I had a ton of great books that I loved.  Not to mention all my knitting magazines were lost too with all the fantastic patterns that I was dying to knit.  Hundreds of dollars of knitting patterns totally ruined….as a PhD student I clearly can’t afford to replace them since the couch and other electronics, etc are the priority right now.  This sucks so much!!  I was in the middle of knitting a pattern from one of those books too, and now I’ll have to rip it out and make something else I guess.  Floods suck, and having renter’s insurance with a huge deductible sucks even more because the replacement costs are going to fall solely on my husband and I, and we’re not exactly swimming in money these days.  The worst is that the flood was of no fault to us, we live in a new-looking building with old galvanized pipes.  This is the second flood we’ve had since August where a pipe has burst on us.  Luckily the first time there was little to no damage….wish I could say the same of yesterday.  

Missing my knitting books….



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  1. Totaly love your blog…love the things you knit 🙂 Added your blog to my bloglines 🙂 Take care!

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