Teeny-tiny dog sweater!

Here’s a teeny, tiny, incy-wincy dog sweater that I made for my brother’s new toy poodle. Her name is Nina, so I embroidered a little ‘N’ on the back. They live in Montreal so a sweater is definitely necessary for little puppies like her. Apparently she loves the sweater, especially when they went camping this year for night time. Here are a few action shots of the little one:




As for my current project, I’ve started my Christmas knitting which in retrospect I should have started MUCH sooner! I’m making the Patch Pocket Raglan from Knitty’s Fall 2007 issue for my brother…it’ll be perfect for his style. I have lots more things to knit…so I’d better stop blogging and get back to knitting hahaha! I’ll post a WIP pic of the sweater once it’s substantial enough to look like a sweater hahah!

Also, I’m busy making (that’s right, making) my wedding invitations. I’m getting married in Mexico so we’re doing cute handmade invites using tropical-print scrapbook paper as a border for the invites…which turns out to involve a lot more work than I had anticipated!! Good thing we still have tons of time 🙂