Slouchy Gemma Beret

I haven’t had too much time for knitting lately with the wedding coming up in a month now, so I made this slouchy beret to have some quick satisfaction.  It was a decent pattern, albeit quite a few errors and sizing problems that needed to be modified, but the finished product is cute.  Overall I’m happy with it….mostly because it was a quick project.  Here are a couple of (bad) pics, comments are always appreciated!!

Gemma Beret 1

Gemma Beret 2

Gemma Beret 3

Thanks for reading….probably won’t have another post for a month or more!  Weddings are INTENSE!



Bridesmaid Shrugs!

I’m now finished 2 of the 3 bridesmaid’s shrugs for my wedding.  I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon!!  Only 47 days to go!!  I can’t believe it… many more things to plan.  To be honest, I really can’t wait for this wedding planning to be over with, so many things to think about and do…and it doesn’t stop until the big day! Anyways, I knit both of these in Lion Brand Cotton Ease.  The minisweater is for my junior bridesmaid who’s 15 (will be 16 on the wedding day!), I’m really, really happy with how it turned out, I just know she’s going to LOVE it.  I will post lots of pics of them on my girls after the big day.  The first pic is a bit orange-y….. 


 This next one is for one is for my Maid of Honour.  I used Cotton Ease again in Almond, it’s a really nice buttery colour, I’m making the other bridesmaid shrug in it right now, that one will be posted soon!  I really liked this pattern, it was easy to memorize.  I love making anything that doesn’t require shaping!  


Lots and lots of pics!  As always comments are much appreciated! 


On the cover…

Following along with Knit Your Love (and CatCat), I made my own magazine cover….of course with me on the front!  Ch-ch-ch-check it out! 11eae981f8f6b0123797fdcbe3bddaef_vague_med.jpg  Wish it said VOGUE not VAGUE hahaha, but it’s still hot!Make your own at Oh and I did my dog too:9c00a0bd25b6f5bbd34a9ef68d1299d3_petfancy_med.jpg ~M 

On the cover…

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Danica is done-zo

I knitted this scarf for a challenge on Craftster, and I love it!  I made it with Bernat Cashmere Natural Blends in white, grey and someone on Craftster pointed out, just like neopolitan ice cream!  Anyways, it was definitely a fun knit, entrelac is really addictive, I actually can’t wait to start another project using it! Here are some pics:scarf-1.jpgscarf-2.jpgscarf-3.jpgComments are greatly appreciated as usual.  I’ll hopefully be updating again this week with a few projects that I’ve finished and have yet to take pics of.~M 

The holidays are over….*sigh*

Well, another holiday season has come and gone.  I can’t believe how quickly time has been passing lately, it’s really insane.  My wedding is officially 124 days away!!  In wedding news, I bought my wedding dress while I was in Ottawa for Christmas and I LOVE IT!  It’s a Maggie Sottero, and I can’t say much else b/c I don’t want my future husband to read what style it is!Now, I am a size 12 (10 in stretchy pants), so I assumed the sample dresses (size 10-12) would not be a stretch to fit me….not so!  Apparently the wedding dress industry finds it necessary to make their dresses 2-3 sizes SMALLER than normal “street” sizes, thus making brides-to-be feel even more conscious of their size and weight.  I think that is such an enormous tragedy, and as much as I want it to be rectified, I know full-well that wedding dress sizes will always be to the small side no matter how much ranting I do.  It makes to so angry that many women, such as myself, have to live their lives feeling size-conscious and embarrassed of our size.  You know what?  I’m beautiful.  Know what else?  I LOVE my hips and every single one of my curves, and I shouldn’t have to feel badly because of it.  Well, enough ranting about that….I also managed to get all the bridesmaid dresses too, also at the same bridal store where I got my dress so my ladies got a nice discount!  I let the ladies pick their favourite style, and they all wanted an Alfred Sung strapless, A-line dress in satin.  Such a classy dress, and we picked a very bright cherry-pink which will be perfect in a tropical setting like that Mayan Riviera.  I’m soooo glad I was able to get all the dresses in ONE DAY!  Definitely not my shopping style normally….haha…..In other holiday news, I finally got my coverup tattoo on my back!  I used to have a sunflower on my lower back that was meant to represent a high school boyfriend (bad mistake), and since I’m getting married soon I wanted to cover that up with something to represent where my life is at now.  So, I got another flower tattoo, this time of a starburst lily, where the stem ribbons like protein structure, then turns to a DNA double-helix, and unwinds.  The two DNA strands represent not only my nerdy love for science, but also my fiance and I coming together to form something new, the flower which represents our new life together.  Without any further adieu…meghan-sunflower-tattoo-1.jpgback-tattoo-jan-2-copy.jpg _________________________________________________________________________On to knitting!  All of my knitting presents were very, very well received and all of them fit their respective recipients very nicely.  I’ve attached pics of the bro in his Patchwork Raglan, and his gf (also my bridesmaid) in her Twinkle Shopping Tunic.  I have yet to get the pics of my mom in her Sitcom Chic and my dad’s socks so stay tuned for those.andy-sweater-front.jpgandy-sweater-back.jpgkarine-tunic-front.jpgkarine-tunic-back.jpg~M

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish all my blog readers happy holidays! I’ve been knitting up a storm the past little while with xmas gifts, so in a couple of weeks I’ll put up a big post of pics of my family & friends with their gifts. I sure hope everythig fits, and everyone is happy…..but I guess it’s hard not to appreciate a handmade gift! Well, I’m off for some more relaxation time. I’ve been busting it in the lab lately, so these 2 weeks have just been great to get my mind of things and just have fun doing what I love best, family time and knitting, and playing my new Wii!!! I would definitely recommend a Wii to anyone that can get their hands on one 🙂